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The table at which the roulette game takes place consists of a rotating circle (roulette) and the game board marked for bets. Roulette tables are of two types:

  1. The table at which the roulette is moved to the edge, and the game space is marked one field.
  2. A table on which the roulette is in the centre and there are two playing fields on the edges.
table roulette

In the first version, the roulette wheel is located on the far end of the long table, which also has a betting table, and the players sit around the table area, where the betting table is calculated (up to six people).

It should be noted that some experienced players believe that certain places are more advantageous in terms of the visibility of the table and the ease of betting.

There are quite loose rules when it comes to betting. You cannot bet when the ball slows down and the croupier pronounces: “No more bets”. By the way, the dealer can hurry up with a cry, and sometimes he can give the players extra time for reflection.

Roulette – the name of the game itself, as well as the main gun – a rotating circle, which determines the winning number. The wooden circle is made of precious woods, carefully processed. At the edge of the wheel are small metal partitions that form holes with numbers from 1 to 36. Rooms are painted in black and red.



The balloon is controlled by a croupier who launches it along the track in the upper sector of the wheel. In this case the wheel rotates counterclockwise and the ball is released clockwise. The roulette wheel is quite heavy and weighs over 50 kg. A special mechanism allows you to create the effect of a floating wheel and maintain its rotation at a minimum speed for a long period of time. Friction is kept to a minimum as the wheel has a point bearing. The croupier only gives the wheel the initial push.

As the speed of the ball decreases, it leaves the track and stops in one of 38 cells. On his way is a series of reflectors in the form of “canoes”, which catch the ball and help to get a random result. Some wheels have eight such obstacles, and some new versions have sixteen located equidistant on the wheel. Reflectors are the main threat to the timekeeper player.

Each of the cells, all absolutely the same size and shape, is framed by metal partitions (called flippers), whose task is also to reflect the ball seeking its final resting place.

Previously, the ball was made of ivory on precision machines. Now the small white ball is made of plastic on precision machines.

Roulette chips

Roulette chips

The technology of betting at the roulette table is a little different from any other casino game. Roulette – the only game in which the participant has no personal cell for betting. The table is a single area for all players to bet. Bets are made using the game chips.

When playing roulette use several sets of special game chips, usually 5, 6 or 7. Sets, which differ in color, consist of 300 chips. For each player is allocated a standard set of chips at a base cost. To put it simply – players exchange money for chips to make it easier to bet.

Chips of different value are painted in the appropriate color. For example, a $5 chip is red, a $10 chip is blue, $25 is green, $100 is black. Such chips are called “cache”, that is, as if “cash”. You can put them on any gaming table. The cost of such chips is indicated directly on them.

There are also chips that can be changed at the croupier’s roulette table. Here you will be given chips in a separate color, so that your bets are not confused with the bets of other visitors. Chips of each player are different from the chips of another, and for this casino has chips to seven different colors – a separate color for each player.

After a player buys roulette chips, the croupier asks what will be the value of each chip. The player must name the value, and then the dealer places a marker showing the actual value of the chips on the chip stock of that player located behind the wheel.

In addition, in some casinos right on the rim of the wheels put a chip of your color along with an additional marker on top to avoid any future misunderstandings or disputes.

Under all circumstances, you must remember that the chips are only worth the roulette wheel and only when the game is in progress. If you leave the roulette wheel with the game chips, you will suffer losses.

By the way, if the table is not busy (as it usually is), most croupiers will not object if you bet on regular casino chips, implying that other players will not do the same. And many casinos will let you bet real money and pay with the casino chips. But first, always ask the croupier what the rules currently apply.

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