American roulette rules

Since American roulette has its own peculiarities, its rules differ from traditional ones.

The main task of the player is to guess the sector on the wheel, in which after the completion of its rotation will stop the roulette ball.

There are 38 sectors on American roulette wheel, 36 of them (18 black and 18 red) have numerical values from 1 to 36, and two cells of green are zero and double zero.

There are certain rules for placing numbers on the wheel:

  • the red and black fields in American roulette alternate;
  • the red fields are opposite the black fields;
  • two even slots follow two odd ones;
  • the even cells are opposite the odd ones that follow them.

There are three columns with one to thirty-six fields in the centre of the table. The color of the numbered cells on the table matches the color of the numbered slots on the wheel. In the left half of the field there are cells for betting on the first, second and third dozen. These are followed by bets on equal chances of winning or losing. At the bottom of the gaming table are sectors for betting on a row (column), and at the top – cells 0 and 00.

American Roulette – Rules

At the very beginning, the gamer makes at its discretion bets on the playing field and presses the button “Play. The wheel begins to rotate. After the rotation and the final fall of the roulette ball into one of the cells in the wheel, a marker appears on the screen, indicating the dropped number and the increased part of the wheel with the dropped number. The table on the right side of the screen shows the drop-down number.

There are two sectors of zero in American roulette (zero and double zero). This fact increases the advantage of gaming establishments, compared to, for example, with European roulette. To make the game more advantageous for the gamer, it was introduced the rule of “prison”.

When a participant bets on equal chances (red/black, even/oblack, etc.) and zero falls, he does not lose these bets, just they are placed in “prison” – frozen.

Then the gamer can:

  • return half of the bet by clicking on the “jail” cell and clicking on the “Surrender” button;
  • to win back the bet by continuing the game.

To bet, you need to select a chip of a certain value and drag it to the desired cell on the game table. When a chip is selected, just click on the desired sector, and the bet will be made. Each additional click increases it by one chip of the selected value.

The size of the individual bet should not go beyond the range set for a particular field. The maximum sum of all bets cannot exceed the maximum table bet indicated on the plate near the wheel.

If a player has changed his mind and wants to cancel bets already placed, you can use the “Cancel” button. To cancel a single bet, you must click on the desired cell while holding Ctrl. To repeat a bet from the previous round you can use the button “Repeat”. All details you can find on cosmo casino online using demo.

Zero sector in American roulette

A huge number of possible betting options are conditionally divided into two categories:

  • internal;
  • external.

Internal – are made on a certain number or a small series of numbers. This category assumes low chances of winning, but a high payout ratio.

Name Description ofPayment
Room rateOne room rate35:1
Split Rate between two rooms17:1
StreetRow Bets (on 3 numbers)11:1
KareBets between four numbers8:1
First fiveBets on the first five numbers6:1
A line of sixA line between two rows of three numbers5:1

External – located on the perimeter of the playing board (color red/black, odd/even, small/large numbers, dozens and columns). In this case, the probability of winning is quite high, but the payments are quite modest.

Name Description of Payment
ColumnRate per column (all numbers below one, two or three respectively)2:1
Dozen Rates for 12 rooms (1 to 12, 13 to 24, and 25 to 36)2:1
Small and large numbersRate on numbers from 1 to 18 – small, 19-36 – large numbers1:1
Odd/evenBets on even or odd numbers1:1
Red/blackRate on red or black rooms1:1

A newcomer to the game table for the first time has a question: how to play American roulette to win? An experienced player has his own strategy and game system.


Here are the most famous and common of them:

  • the Martingale system;
  • the Fibonacci system;
  • the Cuban system;
  • the Laboucher system.

American roulette is an exciting entertainment, the rules of the game are simple and clear. Online gaming at is not much different from playing in a gambling establishment. The developers have paid special attention to the little things that just convey the overall atmosphere of a gambling establishment. Try to play French roulette on our website. But if you enjoy beautiful graphics, and not numbers, then online fruit machines will fit perfectly into your vacation if you have your phone with you.